An email from my sister

"I confess. I used you shamelessly in a conversation with our real
estate agent this afternoon. I said, 'My sister who lives in Berkeley
says she's always wondered about your office, because isn't it
supposed to be 'Maison Nouvelle'?' Heather sighed as if she had heard
that a thousand times before and said, 'It's because it's from a
poem.' "

If I actually knew French grammar, this is exactly the kind of thing I would use Jenna for to ask my real estate agent why the name of their company uses poor grammar.

We are such nerds.


Jenna said...

And now you use me shamelessly in your blog!! :)

kfed said...

The irony of
it, as a hipster might put
it, can't not be used.

Anonymous said...

actually, it'd be "nouvelle maison." The adjective "nouvelle" is one of a few that go before the noun, though usually adjectives do come after it.

kfed said...

Like I said earlier, I know nothing of French grammar, though your anonymity is slightly less credible than my sister, who might as well be a dual French-American citizen.

I'll leave it to her to affirm or deny, but in either case, thanks for your contribution. It gets kinda lonely around here.