Roma, mamma mia!

I am currently writing from my Couchsurfing host's flat in Rome, where I have had simply a fabulous time. All of the hell I went through to get here, namely lugging my entire world across Europe only to end up paying 45 euro for my pithy 3 extra kilos of weight in my luggage (thanks, Ryanair!) and then paying another 26 pounds to mail those extra kilos home, was totally worth it.

London was great, but the weather reminded me too much of mid-spring Holland. The weather here, however, is beautiful. So is the city and all of its people.

I do miss Holland, but I'm rooting for the football team secretly from afar, since their win last night in the Euro Cup brought them one step closer to edging Italy and France out of the competition. Not that I don't want Italy to do well, mind you-- anyone who spends more than an hour would be easily charmed to their side-- but Utrecht has been my home for the last 5+ months, for better and for worse, and that won't change just because it's sunny and gorgeous here in Rome.

In any case, I am sure there is plenty more to say, but there is plenty more here to do.

The final hurrah of my itinerary includes Zurich, Basel, Berlin (briefly, again), Tallinn, and Oslo. Perhaps more updates then?