Why is Europe cool enough to have separate Vodka, Beer, and Wine Belts?

We only have the Bible Belt.

It's like America wants everything to match with one belt color (probably red), but Europeans are fashionable enough to coordinate with either black, brown, or navy. Not sure which is which, but read for yourself:


It seems the EU is cracking down on its definition of "vodka." But they don't seem especially worried about it, since they were throwing down shots at the meeting to debate the very topic-- whether vodka made from grapes, citrus, or sugar beets is really vodka at all. The European Vodka Alliance is ready to stumble with its case on over to the World Trade Organization, should results of the debate prove unfavorable. If they remember, that is.

I suppose this appropriately follows closely on the heels of this article, as well as several other recent articles about the Russians and their drinking habits:


I dunno, man. I think they lack God, or capitalism, or America, or something. Right. Here, our 12-step programs work, sorta.

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