Ruffling Feathers

I've learned quickly that around here, it's just not a good idea to discuss anything political or religious around anyone who's from Utah. All I can really say is, most of the staff members have pictures of the Bush family on their wall. Right next to the office copy of the Book of Mormon.

And my alter ego has discovered that it's not a good idea to tell gay people to have patience with their cause. Look, I'm a 21st century fag hag (read: single, two of my best friends and roommates are gay), so it's not like I'm unsympathetic. But when I say that it's kind of a waste of time and money and energy to pass a bill in the state assembly that is expected to be vetoed, I mean it. Yeah, it's important to "keep the issue on the political radar," but the reason it isn't supported in politics is because it isn't supported socially. So work on the social problem first, then the political problem will either solve itself or come shortly after. It's just going to keep getting shut down until you've run out of money to push it.

Also, it's really gross that a lot of dead people's ashes are spread in SF Bay. It's already like the East River of the west. I still don't understand how anyone can swim in that thing.

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