Give me money, or just read my blogs


For those of you interested in me being able to afford college by winning a scholarship, the contest period for my Alter Ego blog ends in four days!

You can help by reading that blog, found in the Procrastination Station. That link takes you to my user page, which has my most recent blog entries. Don't worry, I'll be posting more soon, hopefully tonight.

I get "points" for how many people read it, so feel free to skim around and return to the ones that interest you, or even join and comment (don't worry, they haven't spammed me yet). Topics are usually current events, and I encourage you all to explore the site as thoroughly as pleases you. If you hit the "track" button on my user profile, it shows what other blogs I've participated in recently. Every once in a while, one of my posts ends up in the highest rated posts column, which is a convenient way to see what topics or posts are most popular to other users who rated them.

Once the contest is over, I imagine I'll merge that blog with this one, so I'm not stretching myself too thin or writing the same things twice.

But enough about me. Happy reading, and thanks!

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