Things for which I am grateful

I complain a lot here, and while that may be the basic premise of this blog, I don't wish readers who don't know me personally to think that I am a jaded, cynical cat lady. Which I may very well still become, but as I have not yet reached that point I'd like to take this opportunity to list some things in my life for which I am very grateful:

-Good men.
Those I choose to associate with, as friends, roommates, or otherwise, are not jerks. And even if they are, they'll get it when I tell them they're being jerks. They won't mislead me, or be two-faced, or be hypocritical-- at least not habitually or intentionally. I don't tell them often enough how much I appreciate and love them, so I hope they know who they are.
-My family.
They are amazing, and I hardly give them the credit they deserve when I say that I love them and their quirks immensely. Especially the cats.
I love it, love it, love it. Another dream job of mine is to be a food reviewer. Mmm.
-Hot drinks.
Denying pleasure is just kind of silly, frankly, and I don't understand why the Mormons won't let themselves have hot drinks (except cocoa, which is apparently not hot). Besides, hot drinks are better for you.
-Cold drinks.
These are really good, too.

I suppose there are other things, but this seems like good enough fodder for a sappy Sunday post. More to complain about anon.

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