Okay, seriously?

When did "worker solidarity" become "illegal immigration should be legal"?

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for legal immigration, but if May Day protests are supposed to be about workers' rights, aren't those workers supposed to be citizens who are eligible for rights in the first place?

I'm not advocating that illegal immigrants should be treated like crap, because they are humans, after all, but there's no legal recourse or reason to hold employers of illegal immigrants accountable for the way they run business. Simply by conducting business with illegals, employers are risking much more than the loss of cheap labor-- and they want labor rights?

Look, I'm not some conservative asshole against immigration, but I am significantly concerned with illegal immigrants piggy-backing the worker solidarity movement in efforts to gain footholds that don't impact the larger fact that illegal immigrants are illegal.

And what does not working/schooling have to do with solidarity of workers? Like, 'lets disrupt the economy by not working and blocking traffic and shouting annoying chants into classroom windows so people understand that workers aren't to be contended with'?

I don't get it.

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