Yet another blog about American Idol *spoiler warning*

Disclaimer- this is the only season of American Idol I have ever watched; I'll be honest though, I watched it pretty religiously.

Okay, okay. This is the girl who should have been kicked off after that AWFUL, AWFUL performance the week after that good will week when no one was voted off.

Granted, I had this suspicion early in the season, because Jordin was always consistently alright throughout the shows; Lakisha and Melinda and Blake had the knockout performances, but when they had bad performances, they were nearly unbearable. Jordin's may not have been great, but she only had one terrible performance.

So I suppose I'm not that surprised Jordin won; she has the wholesome image, she's a good singer, and a pretty good performer. I was distraught over Lakisha's loss, and shocked at Melinda's, which left me to root for the underdog-- the guy. Blake's a better performer than Jordin, but girls pull off that annoying cute thing which makes Jordin much more American of an idol.

Enough. Back to my TiVo-less summer.

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