Conspiratorial Drug Stores, or Drug Store Employees are Incompetent

This has happened to me on several occasions, at several different locations, which surely means that the following conclusion is true:

Drug stores put up sale signs underneath what I call Vaguely Embarrassing Products (VEPs)-- tampons, condoms, foot cream, etc.-- but never actually scan such items according to their sale price.

So if I catch the error at the register, and tell them "that's actually on sale," in order to save $3.67 on my VEP, they have to get on the intercom, hold up the line, and announce "PRICE CHECK ON [insert your favorite VEP, include brand name, kind, and quantity in packaging] FOR REGISTER SIX, PLEASE." In order to avoid the embarrassment of every customer and employee knowing I care enough to save $3.67 on my Depends, I just have to suck it.

Does this actually bother anyone besides me?

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Jane said...

Haha, YES, it bothers me too! And it also seems to be exactly the opposite person that you want to serve you that serves you i.e. someone elderly when you're buying condoms and a awkward teenage boy when you're buying tampons.