Wait, what season is this?

Apparently, all of them.

I walked uphill in snow, hail, rain, lightning, thunder, and brisk sunshine today... you know, May 22nd. Just shy of a month before the summer solstice it's about 40 degrees, and my only warm jacket is a lightweight REI fleece. What fun!

I am lucky enough to avoid working until 10AM, whereas most other departments arrive at 7, 8 and 9AM. Once the season opens, I'll be in at 10AM until the end of each performance, but that hasn't happened yet so I'll complain about it later. In either case, it means that if I want to sleep in, I have to walk or bus to work instead of hitching a ride with everyone who has already left. The walk today wasn't bad; I haven't seen any bus stops, so I have no idea how to use that, but I suppose if it keeps snowing I should probably figure it out so I don't break my back on an icy sidewalk.

One of my bosses offered to give me a ride back to the UP, and though I appreciated her hospitality I declined in favor of taking a leisurely (albeit cold) walk. For whatever reason, I get better acquainted with a town once I walk it. The distance isn't much longer than that of my Berkeley apartment to campus; I'm not sure whether that means I live far away from campus, or whether everyone else is just a wimp for being aghast that I attempted The Walk.

Oh well. At least I discovered that 40 degrees, without the rain/hail/thunder/etc, is the perfect temperature in which to walk without getting sweaty in a light jacket and pants. Sorry, Kyle.

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