I can't believe she's gone!

I've been a little behind on the times since finals, but I was very distressed to learn today that Lakisha has been voted off of American Idol.

She was my and Kyle's favorite since day 1, and now that she's gone I have no idea who's my second choice. Blake's probably the best musically, though his performance is generally less consistent than Jordin or Melinda, but I hate girls, so it's really a toss up. I imagine that Melinda has the best opportunity for a record deal, whether or not she wins, simply because she's already a professional singer and has been an audience favorite for weeks now. Jordin's young, and if she doesn't win here she'll probably get a Broadway stint or some Dream Girls-esque feature in a movie.

I'm not worried about the top 5 getting jobs, because I'm sure anyone who made it that far has gotten enough air time, and enough publicity to convince any record company that they're talented and charismatic enough to make it that far.

I just wish Simon had done a better job of honing Lakisha into a more marketable talent, because I think she has the most potential, even if she's not the most accomplished at home. I hope someone picks her up.

In the mean time, I'm wondering whether I want to watch the show again. I'm so disappointed, America.

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