Somebody shoot me, please

...because I have at least 40 pages to write before May 8th.

Earlier estimates ran at about 60, but I realized that a couple of them are only a maximum of 15 pages, not a minimum.

Sometimes, Rhetoric is lame.

And other times, I'm lame because I'm really interested in the topics and projects for all these finals, but just not right now. I am the worst procrastinator I know, because I put everything off when it counts, when it's for me, and put everything that's for other people-- work, for example-- ahead.


In other news, my last day at the baby store was Saturday. Woohoo! Freedom from low wages and hypocrisy! I can't decide yet whether that's more valuable of a benefit than being able to tell the self-righteous grandmas to suck it, but at least I'm down to two jobs.

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