First Observations

-Everyone is Nice; an uncanny many are Very Nice.
-Gas is $3.15/gal
-Many unattractive, happy-looking people.
-Wide roads.
-At least 15 church steeples on the highway between Salt Lake and Logan.
-Parking lot of apartment complex sparsely populated; various-sized grills, kiddie pool, raft, and large stump occupy three spaces.
-KFC is across the street from a funeral home.
-The proportions of different types of food are inverted here. For example, the "Natural Foods" section at Albertson's looks like the Albertson's/Safeway in Orinda, and the rest is seventeen kinds of Cool Whip, the entire Hostess and Kraft line, and tons of cheap beer-- cheap beer that isn't sold on Sundays. Also, Post cereals are much, much cheaper. Family size Honey Bunches of Oats: $5.33 in CA, $2.96 in UT.

But I always save the best for last:
-Stump: a drinking game in which one tosses a hammer, catches it, and immediately attempts to lodge an opponent's standing nail into a stump. There are few and many rules, but in any case the game is played with beer in one hand, hammer in the other. As it turns out, I am remarkably terrible at catching a flying hammer.

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