Bus driver conversation with unknown caller on her cell phone (with a cheesy salsa ring tone):

Bus Driver: "HELLO? [looks at phone] Helllloooooo? Hey! You there? What's wrong, baby?"
[incoherent mumbling on other end]
BD: "Calm down, just chill a minute. Can you wait until I get there? I get off at 5; just chill in the room, don't hurt anybody, and no one will call the police."
[more incoherent mumbling]
BD: "Okay, do you think you can do that? CALM DOWN! Do you think you can do that? I get off at 5 and I'll come pick you up. Just wait there; you don't want to go back to jail any more than I want to bail you out, so don't let anybody give cops reason to nab you. JUST WAIT."

Meanwhile, everyone on the bus is sitting there, stopped with the doors open, at Bowditch and Bancroft, as the world goes by. After a while, I stepped out, figuring it would be faster than waiting for whatshisname to negotiate the rigors of boredom.

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