Dude...they actually lost. In the popular vote.

There are some who consider the Student Action overthrow by CalSERVE in ASUCk elections to be as triumphant as the Democratic Congressional overthrow of the Republicans. The parallel is probably accurate, especially because the Democrats haven't done a heck of a lot (including refusing to correct a typo in a bill they passed the last time they were in power, which meant that a whole bunch of people who had special-needs housing no longer have housing, and there's a landlord with no idea what to do with a special-needs facility that no one can afford), and CalSERVE probably won't do much, either.

CalSERVE has always had a foothold in the Senate, but they're a group focused on "doing things" that usually don't need to play Monopoly with $1.5 million. They didn't even run an executive race last year, 1) because they didn't have anybody good-looking enough to run against Oren Gabriel, except Max Besbris who is adorable but probably didn't want to campaign all the time and 2) because they didn't need the executive power to accomplish their goals-- only a strong Senate foothold, which was pretty much guaranteed as long as they pooled their resources.

I'm not sure what their goals are, except gender-neutral bathrooms, which I only remember because it was so ridiculously presented in its Happy Rainbow font that it made me want to inject heroin into my uvula. That crack used to be "gag myself with a spoon," then "gag myself with the spoon I used to boil my crack in," then "gag myself with the spoon I used to boil my heroin in, followed by the needle," then I pondered whether one would boil heroin but remembered there was something about spoons for heroin in Requiem for a Dream, then decided that it was funnier to go with the injection bit, which I know people use to get heroin in their bodies, and avoid the gagging thing altogether. Except the uvula.

As Kyle so frequently tells me, it must be interesting being me.

Anyway, I guess it's pretty cool that Student Action lost its power to pay itself lots of my money, at least in the popular vote, even though they probably would have been disqualified for the campaign violations that people finally got around to gathering evidence for.

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