Cults only get you so far

I confess, I watch American Idol.

I also watch House and South Park, but that's about all I ever really have time for. Frankly, I shouldn't have gotten cable in the first place, especially since I have a lot of South Park available to me on DVD and you can get Fox without paying for shit. But it wasn't my choice exclusively, and I don't really care. And besides, it means I have more things to do (i.e. shows to watch) to avoid doing homework. It just sucks that there isn't anything good on, especially during the day, except old episodes of Arrested Development. And I'm sorry, Da Ali G Show? Not funny. I can't believe my roommate Tivo's it.

Anyway, I'm glad Sanjaya is finally off. It's about time. Kyle and I have our hearts set on Lakisha, and I'm fairly positive I would have boycotted the rest of the season if she was kicked off tonight.

I do, however, wonder what Jordin was apologizing for. Right before Melinda did the right thing and refused to choose which group was the bottom three, Jordin is in the background in between Phil and Chris clearly mouthing "I'm sorry" to someone, presumably in the other group, or perhaps Melinda?

This is of perhaps more immediately pressing interest than my constant query, What is Paula On?

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