Apparently, I'm Awesome.

Things are going quite well over at ProgressiveU.org/blog/kfed (hint hint. There's even a link, in the Procrastination Station, called "My Alter Ego-- The More Intelligent One." Go look. I'm kinda smart, sometimes funny, and mostly saying what I mean and meaning what I say).

As it turns out, I'm kind of popular over there, and I'm not gonna lie-- I like it.

To be fair and honest and borderline Livejournal-esque, I'm not an especially popular person in real life (This is for you Kyle: It's because I work too much), so it's pretty flattering to be having good discussions and ratings and generally feeling good about what I'm writing.

I still don't have any clue what my chances are for the scholarship, because I started pretty late and I'm not Student Action popular, but I've got a couple well-wishers out there, and right now they're making my day(s).

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