Spring Fever

I'm getting antsy!

Internship applications are starting to be due, I have to start looking for housing, and I still haven't talked to Flexcar. As of two days ago, it was a month since I spoke to them last about an incident that (we haven't even established) occurred three months ago.

I could go on for years about how much I hate Flexcar, but let me just say that if I thought they were worth my time, I'd spend it lobbying against them. If they're going to keep losing me in the cracks, they don't deserve me checking in every few months to see how their "investigation" is going. I'm betting they go out of business before they even remember I existed, and as they clean out the furniture in their offices, they'll find my file lodged between a trash can and a mouse hole. At least then I can say I kept their office from imminent infestation.


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