ProgressiveU's Blogging Progress

It's like Mr. Toad's Wild Ride over there...

The site is a little confusing to navigate just because there's so much text, but I finally found the site for my blog:


There are some heated debates afoot! Sort of. It's kind of becoming a definition debate, which I hate, but I hope to work it out once I have emerged from the Tunnel of Academic Doom (eta Thursday evening). I would encourage you to read other blogs, but then they get points for you reading them. It's weird.

I have a feeling this is not worth the effort, because there are probably tons of high school kids with way too much time on their hands and way more friends than they know what to do with who load their blog every five minutes and have tons and tons of points.

We'll see.

Update: my trip throught the Tunnel of Academic Doom will be slightly more leisurely now that I've acquired a 12-hour extension on one of my midterms, but this also means the ETA for escape is now Friday afternoon/evening.

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