News Flash: Different types of information differ!

Selected quotations from tonight's Milano adventure, for your pleasure.

From a frizzy-haired blonde, vaguely acne-ridden girl wearing a gray cable-knit sweatervest dress over an unbuttoned white blouse (with tuxedo shirt-type pleats) with large gold chain, white leggings and black knee-high boots:

"It's, like, not a prompt. It's just randomness and stuff. I mean, it's only four or five pages, but still. I had to ask the teacher, 'what do you want me to say' and she like, wouldn't even give me a straight answer."

"I don't even know when to cite stuff. This one paper I did really good on, I made up all the citations. I decided that every couple paragraphs I needed a citation, and the professor was all, 'wow, you really did your research.'"

"I worry sometimes that my major isn't legit enough to get my into a good business school. It's pretty cool, but some people don't know how cool it is, you know? I heard about this cool program with Haas and Columbia, but I don't think it's competitive enough."

And my favorite of the evening,

"I have to talk about the information available about nuclear power, and about how different types of information differ. It's kind of intense, but I think I'll make it through."

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