Hippie Liberals Probably Behind the Times

High Times, that is. I'm not sure whether they'll read this blog, but I've signed up for ProgressiveU.org's Blogging for Progress contest, which is essentially another excuse for me to avoid homework and sound pretentious and smart.

This website's scholarship opportunity appeared on Fastweb.com's scholarship search, and I decided to do it because hey, Mom wants me to apply for more scholarships, and heck if I'm going to waste any opportunity to procrastinate homework.

How is the thing judged? The more who read (i.e. load the page) the more 'points' I get, and the closer I am to winning $500-1000. By June 15, the company will note how many reads I've gotten for my posts and how many points I've accumulated as a result of blog reads and me commenting on other blogs.

I have a feeling the self-proclaimed progressives running the website shop at Whole Foods, because this is a lot of work for so little money. They must have wanted to feel charitable, but spent so much money on Organic Flax and Double Organic Happy Happy Vegan Eggs that they only had a couple $1000s to spare. But I'm not complaining... it's more money to pay for school, and that's pretty neat.

I'm not sure yet how to actually find my blog on this website, but my username is kfed (like here) and I'm sure there's some search function for that.


About as much as my favorite green canvas bags popular in Berkeley, but not nearly as uncontrollably pervasive.

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