Baby Got Going

... on South I-5.

I imagine that a conversation over the CB radiowaves on Monday and Tuesday (do those even exist anymore? Maybe truckers just use cellphones) might have gone a little something like this:

"Cute one wearing a dress, Bob. Coming up on your left in the number 3 lane, blue honda civic. I've already honked, but you can wave."
"Copy that, Tim."

I'm almost famous! On Southbound I-5 between Modesto and Los Angeles, no fewer than 7 semi-trucks honked, waved, or otherwise indicated interest in me. I was wearing a strapless sundress thinking, 'hey- if I'm going to get sunburned, it might as well be even.' Not to mention I hate the air conditioner and I anticipated hot SoCal weather. Which, as it happens, was chilly SoCal weather, but that's another story.

On the way north, it was a mere 3 who honked, one who kept flashing his highbeams at me, and another who waved.

And other comments about I-5: Too many tumbleweeds; too many cows (or cow biproducts). And if you're going to dump a load of lumber on the highway, at least call someone to clean it up, so people like me don't think they've punctured their tires when pieces get lodged between the brake pad and wheel.

Glad to be home, glad to have been gone.

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