Who loves me?

Google Analytics tells me that the Pleasanton, CA readership is stronger than that of Berkeley or San Francisco. Also, that despite I've emailed my mother the link to this blog, which was not the easiest thing to reveal to her, she has not visited it (nor has anyone in my hometown, for that matter. Hmph.), which means she missed my awesome and super-personal ode to her. Lame. Mom- if you're arriving late in the game and are looking for your ode, scroll down and find your picture.

Anyway, I've never spent more than ten minutes in Pleasanton, and to my knowledge I have no friends there. Fascinating.

Of course, Google might not actually mean Pleasanton, just like all of my Utah readership can't be from Salt Lake City. After all, I'm almost two hours north of there, and I read myself all the time. Not like there's anything else to do.


lilredvwagon said...

aaahh, cut to the quick. just because there's no posted response doesn't mean one hasn't been reading.......and reading......and reading......just as
you thought. just haven't figured yet how public one wants to be....

kfed said...

I'm flattered?

I don't expect posted responses, though they are encouraging. I was just analyzing Google's analysis, which only proves exactly how insane I am, that I have to analyze analysis.

Be as public as you want to be. As long as you aren't stalking me, we're gonna be just fine.

Elaine said...

Oddly enough I am from Pleasanton. I am unaware of any other Pleasantonian contact that you might have. Fascinating. Good luck with the blogging competition. Enjoy Utah. See you in Berkeley.


kfed said...

Hi, Elaine! Regrettably, I forgot that you were from Pleasanton. Perhaps there are several hundred such persons I have also forgotten are from Pleasanton, or you really, really like me.