Making Logan look cooler, one not-felt earthquake at a time

The local newspaper here in Logan, Utah, which I don't even believe has an online edition (and probably shouldn't), wrote an article Saturday about Berkeley's July 20th earthquake.

I'm not sure whether it was a slow day at the newsdesk (gee, only two well-known locals spotted at the bookstore buying new bibles?), or whether Logan just wants to redeem itself for being home to the invention of the seismograph without actually having earthquakes to measure.

In either case, the paper totally sensationalized (gasp!) the 4.2 jolt, noting that a Berkeley resident's cat "left town" after something fell on it, and Elmwood's Dream Stuff Donut shop's front window "shattered to pieces." Just like the shattered dreams of anything exciting ever happening in Utah.

Though I guess it was neat that the donut shop a block from my Berkeley apartment was mentioned in a podunk Utah newspaper. I've never set foot inside, and I thought it was closing (guess not?), but when I get back I'm bringing the newspaper clipping in to the owners. They oughta know what national coverage their establishment is getting, right?


Avinash said...

Utah. Where optimism goes to die.

k_radsurferboi86~*~* said...

The owners of that place barely speak English -- I don't know how much they'll appreciate it.

kfed said...

Are you sure? Because I seem to recall a middle-aged, English-speaking Berkeley resident buying baby stuff one day and saying she and her family have owned that shop for years. Maybe she was selling it to someone who doesn't speak English.