If you're in the Bay Area and want to go see my roommate's show, his band is headlining tonight at 9pm at Blake's on Telegraph (in Berkeley, like the name suggests, on Telegraph between Durant and Channing). Admission is $12 for minors, less for drinkers. Cry all you want, but the money doesn't go to them.

Kyle just joined as the bassist for the band Superthief, and seems super-excited for his debut performance. So. Go support him! I'd go if I could, but I'm in Utah.

Their website, if you're interested, is: http://www.superthiefrocks.com/

Apparently very attractive people are in the band. I have not inquired about their relationship status. Yet.


itregub said...

Where in Utah are you? I'm spending the summer in SLC!

kfed said...

I am in Logan, about an hour and a half north of SLC. What are you up to down there?

itregub said...

Very cool, I'll have to come visit! I'm working at American Express, drunkenly writing emails at wi-fi bars (what a novel idea; why does Berkeley not have those?), and educating myself in how to not ruin dates with Mormon women once I set those up (like taking them to a PG-13 movie). It's so funny discussing personal life matters over a blog, but I suppose the blog is the ultimate nexus between the sociopolitical and the personal.

kfed said...

Visit at your own risk- the wi-fi doesn't work very well. It can't penetrate the ennui that is small town America.

itregub said...

Hahaha, I'll have to figure out if my phone Internet has the technology to run over that pesky ennui.