Because trimming trees is very different from replacing them with large sports facilities

At least that's the case, according to the logic behind whoever cut the tops off of several Berkeley trees that effectively makes the tree sitters' home a little more comfortable. And by according, I mean, it-would-make-sense-in-a-funny-way-but-probably-isn't.

Even if The Cutter had nothing to do with the Berkeley Treewoks, it certainly is suspiciously convenient that the very same trees some random vandal lopped off were the very same that some self-righteous hippies were squatting in.

Then again, maybe it's a vast conspiracy inspired by University sports fans who are slowly chopping the trees down while the Treewoks are busy fertilizing the soil (er, using the restroom?). Which is illegal now, by the way, because that's not part of the Commons Initiative, now is it?

Those trees must be proud: chopped off while their protectors are out breaking the law.

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Pencils are made of wood. said...

Fellow native Californians, we are united in our support for full prosecution of UCB trespassers who have burdened us with greater than one million dollars of expense. It is shameful to think how some selfish criminals purposefully cost us funds that could have benefited and educated many.

Continue to support uncensored information here, pencils were not harmed in this report.