Missing Rice student found in... Dwinelle?

I always thought Dwinelle was a black hole, and now that Rice University student Matthew Wilson was found there recently, my suspicions are confirmed.

Sure, his car may have been found on Allston Way in June, but by that point he had probably already been sucked into the depths of Dwinelle, never to be seen again until 8 months later.

I would not be surprised if he had lived there the entire eight months he was missing. Who would notice? And even if some lost freshman did recognize him and care (unlikely), how would the finder lead the police to him? Telekinesis?


Beetle Aurora Drake said...

No one could live in Dwinelle for eight months without being devoured by the Dwinelle Zombie.

kfed said...

But what if Matthew Wilson *was* the Dwinelle Zombie??

...you walked right into that one.

Beetle Aurora Drake said...

Not possible. The Dwinelle Zombie has existed for at least three and a half years.

Then again, maybe the Dwinelle Zombie ate Wilson's insides and wore his skin like a coat to escape... You can never trust those zombies.

kfed said...

Hm. Quite possible.

At least the Dwinelle zombies aren't like the head crab zombies in Half Life 2.

...Though, Dwinelle sort of is like the Aperture Science building.