Tree people are STILL HERE.

As if the saga couldn't have ended, like, last year, or even the year before that. It took millions of dollars and wasted hours on journalistic coverage to come to the same conclusion the university did more than the 21 months ago that tree sitters first invaded.

And now I have to walk to school or home hearing the constant hum of helicopters and buzz of street chatter about the Lone Tree and how sad it is that it's finally ending.

Come on.

These people aren't even university students, but they've made a fool of Berkeleyans in the eyes of people all over the place. As a friend of mine pointed out, mention of our school prompts "oh, with the tree people?" instead of "oh, with the atomic bomb?" or "oh, with the free speech movement?" Just to name a couple potentially more notable things.

How pathetic.

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KC said...

but now they are gone, as is the tree. finally.