Yes, the white girl said it.

Ok, look. I don't want to make waves or anything, but I am glad Prop 209 was passed in California and I'm sticking to it.

I harbor no enmity against the family I've left over at the Clog, but I will heartily disagree with the sentiments expressed in this post.

I don't disagree that minorities have had problems because they're minorities, and some of those problems have contributed to making it more difficult to afford college. But whether or not minorities are more prone to these problems than people of other races, a person's racial status shouldn't factor into his or her merit as a student.

Does this make me an evil conservative? I don't know. But as someone who has been economically disadvantaged as a result of her race-- yes, the white girl said it-- I am tired of people assuming that race, socioeconomic status, and opportunity are necessarily correlative.

Maybe I'm missing something besides eligibility for 85% of available scholarships.


Christine said...

notice how i did not write that.

kfed said...

Why, because you're white, too, or because you agree?

yaman said...

I'm glad you didn't decide to stop blogging, but I have to ask, what exactly do you mean by one's 'merit as a student'?

kfed said...

I mean academic merit. I know someone will say that those who are socioeconomically disadvantaged would have fewer opportunities to pursue certain landmarks of academic achievement, but doesn't that mean the responsibility is left to colleges to make up the difference. It also doesn't mean someone's race has anything to do with it.