The Complicated Drama of Photosharing

You know, I've been under pressure to put my photos online, and I finally got around to uploading the European photos to Flickr. I'm sort of cheap, so I stuck with the free account-- to which one can only upload 100MB of photos per month-- and figured I would wait to upload more pictures until the next month. In general I don't take that many pictures, except I took a ton when I was abroad, so really I just need somewhere to put what would otherwise be several year's worth of photographs in one place besides my computer.

So now that it's August 3 and there's homework to procrastinate, I decided to upload another set of photos out of my several thousand from the last six months. Until I discovered that the free account has a totally stupid limit (not just per month) of total space.

And that's when I decided to switch to Google's Picasa. It's going to be a lot of work to re-do everything I've already done to Flickr on Picasa, but I'm annoyed enough that I did all that work just to discover I couldn't keep the free account.

In any case, I don't know that all of my pictures will fit on Picasa, either, but at the moment I know it's more than Flickr's willing to offer. Another reason why Google is totally going to win the battle against Yahoo, whenever that comes to fruition.

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russeaime said...

I just gave up completely and ended up getting all 840 pictures printed. There was no point dragging my laptop around every time some relative wanted to see them.