North Korea: "We're not evil! See?"

On the same day the Associated Press announces that the NY Philharmonic plays the U.S. national anthem in North Korea, North Korea invites 62-year-old Eric Clapton to play for them.

This reminds me of yet another South Park episode. Can you guess which? I'll give you a hint: Rod Stewart in a wheelchair.

I'm not trying to draw a distinct parallel of North Korea and Jesus, but they appear to be in similar predicaments of producing something incredible to show off to the world, and all it seems such figures can come up with is Rod Stewart and Eric Clapton.

Where's Bono when you need him? He's busy leading a group of politicians in a rendition of "All You Need is Love."


russeaime said...

I still think a worldwide recorder concert is the best answer.

kfed said...

I can completely sympathize, though I worry that the brown note would irreparably damage the United States' reputation. Not that we have one in the first place, mind you...