First Snow

I wrote a brilliant post a few days ago, but Blogger was experiencing "technical difficulties" and couldn't post or even save the post I wrote, so my wisdom about the American primaries (namely, that I secretly don't care if it's Hillary or Obama, and that until I was invited to join a Kucinich support group I had no idea that Kucinich was still running) disappeared to the Interwebs and we are left with what I have written now.

Today (or tonight, I should say) was the first snow I've experienced while I've been abroad. Frankly, it's the first snow I've truly experienced ever, excepting the few times it snowed for ten minutes in California or the one week I spent in Vermont many years ago. Nevertheless, every Californian inevitably has some amazing experience of the snow to share after The First Snow.

My story is, I suppose, a bit simpler. I went to the bar while it was just a regular rain. I walked out of the bar a few hours later and it was snowing. Windy, cold snow, but still snow.

Still, I hear excitable students running around campus at this late hour, and my housemate has just told me that there is, in fact, a snowball fight going on well after midnight.

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KC said...

first snow in a faraway place, among "fabulous" people......even if the coffee is foul, sounds pretty good. Practice your snowballing!