Nominated for a misquote award

Gee, it's a miracle no one got hurt here. Do 4.7 earthquakes even make the news in California anymore?

As a brilliant survivor told CNN, it felt like "someone very big and angry jumping on the ceiling below you, rather than the floor."

Maybe the floor was having an existential crisis and could no longer face being both ceiling to the room below and floor to the room above. Or the fat angry dude jumping knocked some sense out of it.


russeaime said...

I almost started laughing today when some girl on the bus kept going on about the 'massive earthquake'. 'It was almost a 5! That's the biggest earthquake we've had in years!' she said to the person she was talking to on the phone.

Even better was when some European asked me about that extremely 'scary' fault line in California. 'You mean the San Andreas?' I said. 'I lived on it for two years'.

kfed said...

Technically, we lived on the two big scary faults in California, though the Hayward (on which we directly live) is I think more scary now because it hasn't had a big one recently.