Almost Spring

It's obvious that things have been rather exciting here-- otherwise I would have had the time to post more frequently.

In a moment of peace, however, I'm back at the keyboard. What's happening in my world:

-Chillary took California. Strategically speaking, this is probably a good thing.
- Huckabee came out of the woodwork. On what planet would a candidate who still believes that people with AIDS should be quarantined be an adequate candidate to lead a country that no longer lives in the '70s?
- Gordon B. Hinckley died in the prime of his life, at the ripe age of 97. My claim to fame: I sold him his ticket to see an opera in Utah last summer. President Monson came, too.
- The bar. In efforts to save money on my drinking habits, which have tripled since I've left the States, I've decided to become a bartender at the college bar. Like most jobs I've taken in my life, this is unpaid (excepting the free beer). I consider it a fair trade.
- Classes. Four of them, four days a week. I now understand the exchange/transfer student syndrome that plagued students at Berkeley. You think you're going to a fancy school because it has a good name and costs money, and that means you have to work harder than wherever you just came from. Wrong! Now, just to apply my discovery in practice...

Basically, things are going well here. I'm getting work done and having fun, and aside from adjusting to living in, well, subpar levels of cleanliness I'm having no trouble meeting all twelve people who go to school here.

I hate to cut this short, because I know how lame I have been in posting and such, but the sun has been out the last two days and it is simply criminal to sit inside writing a blog post instead of sitting outside doing homework.


KC said...

cool pictures...... send or link more!

kfed said...

Fine. These are probably at least PG-13, but it describes my weekend fairly accurately.