Today begins my semester-long European adventure!

Besides the almost-nightmare that was United Airlines check-in at SFO Christmas morning and tedious delay in Chicago, traveling went essentially without a hitch.

I should tell you that in drafting this post, I included many details about what I've begun to hate (and sort of find endearing) about United, including a staff of four to work over 25 check-in desks with some very long lines. But in the end I decided to omit them, both for your sake and my own: Reliving the blur was too annoying and I just want to move on.

And I did.

I made it to Paris to meet up with Ana, my dear friend/host/translator/guide, and today we trekked all over and did very French things. I have since made it my life goal to become rich enough to afford a certain level of Parisian fashion in my daywear. Not sure what my picture has to do with French fashion, but it amused me.


Christine said...

i'm jealous

momcat sharon said...

Wish I was in Paris sipping wine & watching the pretty men walk by... have fun!!

lilredvwagon said...

just a touch of fashionista....hard not to in Paris.
here's to trekking until your feet hurt but you don't even notice -- the cliche "so many ____, so little time" is apropos! Vive la France!

KC said...

and - don't miss the 'pain au chocolat' -- yum!