Dragging my feet

It would all be so much easier if I would just buckle down and do it.

The final projects, papers, studying... I just feel like I've done so much work already, and my mind is already in Europe, fantasizing about bourgeoisie art museums and Nutella. And not working.

I've even had a roommate change the password to my Facebook account, and yet I'm finding all sorts of new Web sites to explore. Very thoroughly.

I wonder when I will get the pants-kicking I really need to push through to the end. I want to work, I really do. I put so much emotional investment into my finals and the professors who actually seem to care about my work, in theory to make me more guilty motivated, and yet all I can seem to muster is the Internet.


Yuki said...

haha im totally going through the same thing deary. o the internet is filled with lovely things to indulge in :D

o and please send me your new address once you find out, so i can send you a lovely holiday card ;)

happy holidays love.

Christine said...

LOL I totally had that picture as my background last year. So true.