Toot, toot!

Hey, I'm like, famous, sort of...at least on a lesser-known website with a small pool of regular bloggers. I'm the first featured blogger this year at ProgressiveU.org, and that's certainly exciting. I'm apologizing here and now, by the way, for the terrible quality of my answers to the questions I wasn't exactly prepared to speak intelligently on. But the part where the moderators wrote about me was Very Nice.

I suppose being featured makes up for not winning the actual scholarship money, but remember- there are still opportunities for you, my adoring fans, to vote for me here. Because I'm that awesome.


Pete Dunn said...

Are you still in Utah for the summer?

kfed said...

I just left yesterday. Experiencing severe culture shock at present.

Pete Dunn said...

Bummer, we should have at least thrown you a going away party.

kfed said...


The most depressing part about coming back is feeling like a shrouded conservative from a summer of constant self-deprecation and long skirts.