More bridges collapsing...

Add another tally to transportation to the political platform prediction table, because even internationally, bridge collapses are proving the hard way how important the little things of government really are.

Granted, this particular instance was in a bridge under construction-- as in, newly built-- but that doesn't mean the incident won't give people in the States something to worry about when it comes time to evaluating "important issues" in the upcoming elections.

And speaking of China, it seems that
It is common for disgraced officials to commit suicide in China.

Does this seem suspicious to anyone? I feel like this toy company CEO would have been dead anyway, if the Chinese government had its say.


Anonymous said...

If it was a choice between suicide and the Chinese government taking different means to the same end, I would pick suicide.


Note: This is in no way meant to open the proverbial can of worms about China. Just an observation.

kfed said...

I hear you. Doesn't mean it isn't wrong that the persons involved are put into that situation in the first place, though.

kfed said...
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