Cat fight!

Cindy Sheehan, our least-forgettable overbearing Mom, has moved on from Crawford Ranch eyesore to official politics. Now she's challenging House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for her seat in the US House of Representatives. Sheehan had earlier announced her intention to run for the House if Pelosi didn't try to impeach President Bush by July 23.

I'm all for people doing something about the injustices they perceive in the world. I'm all for people loving their children. But Sheehan has effectively made her son a martyr to her cause, and I'm not totally sure that he would appreciate that. Of course, it's awful that she lost her son, but does every grieving mother of deceased soldiers seek justice by camping out in front of the President's house, or running for political office? Okay, okay, so it only takes one to make a difference, blah blah blah, but what makes someone like Sheehan, and not, say, my mom, decide to challenge the first female Speaker of the House?

Mom, I'm sure you'll disagree with me because you're a mom and I'm not, but I think Sheehan's trying to be Supermom, and she can't do everything.

That said, if she raises enough money, I imagine her pre-existing publicity will probably earn her at least a handful of votes. If not for being crazy, votes will be from those who know she's not too afraid of party politics to shove her beliefs down everyone's throats.


lilredvwagon said...

When KPIX news reported this story tonight, they
ran a poll as well. People said they would vote:
Pelosi 66%, Sheehan 9%, and 21% said they would
have to know who the Republican was first.

So far as Sheehan declaring candidacy itself.......
each person deals with grief in their own way.

kfed said...

Well it's nice to know Sheehan is so adamantly opposed to everyone but her own self. Pelosi might not be as radically liberal as California Democrats want her to be, but she's still a notable figure with political experience and a posse of Cal and other Bay Area school interns to rally some great PR.