American Cultural Reacclimation

A summary of the last 8 hours:

I have been sitting around the house catching up on Kathy Griffin reruns, writing to-do lists and reading junk mail. During commercials I read job listings, wash the dishes and tear out coupons for dish soap at Walgreens.

And I'm not even kidding. All I need now is a husband, two and a half kids and some Valium, and I am the ultimate retro housewife.

Jake is at work, not distracting me with his company, and I should be using this jobless and school-less day to do any number of productive things like finish moving in or my homework. But my dedicated readers (Mom and Christine) should know me well enough to know I would rather pretend I have absolutely nothing to do.

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KC said...

everybody needs at least one day to veg - recharging, as it were.