Getting the ball rolling

Before you nay-say, I know. I know I have neglected this blog fairly extensively. In that time, my plants have died and my fictitious children have starved. I've basically fallen off the planet into the warm caprices of a particularly studious academic building and some very annoying schoolwork.

I've been trying to write, even to procrastinate, but I am at a loss for where to begin again. Spelunking in Menorca? Returning to dining hall? Realizing that student government elections are no different between a 600-person school and a 30,000-person school, except in the former the likelihood of getting a free beer for your vote is much higher. And also chalk is completely impractical in a country that rains twice a day.

It's sort of like I've been holding the refrigerator door open, staring blankly at the plenitude of available snacks. Which do I choose first?

Except the refrigerator is getting more and more full of options, and I'm not eating any of it and in this extended metaphor I begin to lose my bearings on the English language and regress to a time in my childhood when things were much simpler.

I'm headed to Scotland to visit my friend Elizabeth next week, a trip I am very much looking forward to if for no other reason than to please my mother, at whose behest I have accepted a mission to buy golf-themed things for the men in my family.

And also because I am getting antsy sitting around, drinking beer and doing homework all the time.

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