-The dryer is broken, and I have approximately negative three items of clothing I could potentially wear.

-25% of my final grade in one class comes from group work: in other words, other people. Another 10% comes from an in-class presentation about one field trip which, due to my trip to Scotland (and I don't regret that part one bit), I will be missing.

-I was the only Californian cleaning the bar yesterday, and one of a few who stupidly ordered the Thai Curry Chicken-- the only lame item on the menu at Wok to Go.

-I have still not mailed Jake's birthday present. The good thing about this is that I can mail Jake's and Cassidy's together now that I will miss both birthdays.

-I have still not found stamps to mail already-written postcards that I bought and wrote in Spain (though I did manage to mail my parents theirs with the one stamp I did find on my desk).

-Firefox keeps "unexpectedly quitting" (at this point, I should say "expectedly quitting"). It pretty much happens all the time, but I don't care unless it involves me uploading photos I have painstakingly selected for uploading to the Flickr account I have, to date, neglected. I've stopped bothering to report the error to Firefox because every time it asks what I have been doing, I just say "existing."

-Must go to group meeting, delayed because one member (not surprisingly) missed his train to meet us.

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