I spent the only two complete hours of "free" time today doing absolutely nothing productive. I also have spent the only two complete hours of "free" time I had today not doing homework or writing up the group debate we're presenting in nine hours (which, for some typically inane control freak reason I volunteered to do).

I'm back to the old habits: doing and procrastinating everything. Couldn't this have been a fresh start?

I guess it's a good sign that I'm settled and relatively comfortable enough to even channel old study habits, but I don't even want to be awake right now, let alone still procrastinating another two hour's worth of work.

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KC said...

since free time is supposed to BE "free"..... then
it's ok. but if you insist on being productive --
try this head trick: set the alarm clock to ring at the end of a reasonable procrastination period,
having allowed yourself "free" time first, followed by productive time.
just a thought..... btw - debate:fun!