Decisions, decisions

I've been going back and forth on this decision: to publish or not publish the links to my photo albums, and my primary reason against it is because my mother and her potential new Facebook account do not need to see photos of my friends trashed in Europe, which is precisely what Facebook's photo option was invented for in the first place.

I have a Flickr account for almost exclusively this purpose, but I am lazy and uploading to two different servers just seems silly and cumbersome when I have already created the Facebook album. See the dilemma?

But then I remembered that my mother is afraid of black helicopters stealing her identity. This is key, because it means that Facebook, which is totally evil and will send her spam for decades, will never see an account with her name on it.

If you don't have Facebook and love me (or Europe) so much that you have been itching for more pictures, here are public links to the family-approved photo albums of the Netherlands:
* The Adventure Begins.
* California in the Netherlands-- The DLC.
* 8 Days of Paris.

Don't worry, epic tales still coming up.

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