Shameless Self-Promotion

Come see Wintertime!

I'm stage managing this wild ride of a show, which is partially why I haven't been posting here or at the Clog recently, and though that means I'm not onstage, it's still a great show. Academically speaking, it's the non-cliche version of a romantic comedy with postmodern undertones and classical influences.

Realistically speaking, it's just plain fun.

The family's coming tonight, though it might be a bit racy for some of their tastes...

In any case, see the Facebook event (or group) or visit theater.berkeley.edu.

Show times are November 10, 16, 17 at 8pm and 11th and 18th at 2pm. The 11th has a talkback discussion following the performance.

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Yuki said...

i likey the very informative description you give. i was unaware that there is such a thing as "a non-cliche version of a romantic comedy". i would have gone to see it just for the postmodern undertones. but man sounds like a fun show!! bummed i dont get to indulge in it :p break a leg love!