Sunday Morning, or Still Too Nice

I decided to skip out on the first round this morning because I was useless yesterday morning anyway. Of course, that's what all the other judges thought, too. But whatever.

That didn't change the fact that a dull but constant banging woke me up at 7:15... the knock on the downstairs door by one debater trying to wake up the other debater who had grabbed a free bed in my neighbors' apartment (but whose alarm had surely not gone off). Since everyone in that apartment sleeps harder than the cryogenically frozen, and since the spare key they usually leave with us was not to be found (neither was my phone), I had to wake up Kyle to use his phone to call someone in the apartment to open the door to shake the kid out of bed.

I went back to bed thinking the second round started at 10, and hit snooze at 9:30. And now, here I am, having missed the ballot pickup, waiting for the third round of the morning to start, but too tired to get up and go get breakfast (they've run out of donuts here, and the only coffee left is decaf).

There are two things I value more highly than just about anything else-- food and sleep. In absence of either (or both) I am liable to be grumpy or catatonic: the perfect antidote for Objective Judging, a common side effect of College Education and Native English Speaker.

Oh, what a beautiful morning.

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