Spijt me, I've been off eating stroopwafels

Terribly sorry for the lackluster posting of late. As the title suggests, I have been eating stroopwafels to procrastinate all of the not-that-hard-but-annoyingly-time-consuming work I have to do to pass my classes. Le sigh.

I would gladly announce my imminent return, but I'm afraid that once my midterms are done this week, I will still be M.I.A. as I skip off to Spain for spring break. On second thought, I'm not really that afraid at all.

But despite my latent posting, I did happen to notice that it's time for ASUCk elections, and the rumors are still flying.

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KC said...

and a Happy St. Paddy's Day to ye.....even if you're
far away from it all. See if you can find a green beer to celebrate :-) ...... or maybe a rainbow will lead you to that pot of gold to pay for Spain!